"Gravity The Newtons", a strategic communication and public relations agency.

We emerged in dire circumstances by means of challenging a solid market status quo and in response to a widespread need for original character, innovation, resilience flexibility and above all results. As a matter of fact, solutions are the critical elements of our promise. Our tools are the way we interpret a society (the Greek society) in constant flux and how we put into action the power of our ideas.

We reflect a lot upon concepts and tactics for meaningful engagement with both the market and the society. As a matter of fact, we constantly seek the best possible workable mix of actions, be it proactive or reactive, that could well serve our clients' pivotal purposes: To raise awareness throughout our ever-increasing audiences; to make a convincing case by emitting consistent and coherent messages; tο establish our objectives as the driving force of all involved stakeholders.

In the current environment, where corporations and consumers redefine their roles, plans and priorities over short-term tactical schemes rather than long-term strategies, we are poised and determined to turn destabilizing uncertainty into productive certainty. Our knowledge and talents are more than often than not matched by dynamic synergies.

We at "Gravity The Newtons" believe in the one rule that should be unbreakable: to successfully deliver a campaign across several channels in unison, interactivity, originality. We are steadfast "content believers"; However, content for us means authenticity by creatively integrating influencers multiplying force into our clients' native attitude.

To this aim we mustered a team highly experienced in areas such as finance and investment, politics and lobbying, Telco's, technology, energy, retail, food, pharmaceuticals and rural economy.