A journey to technology

PR and Communications, Events

Kotsovolos throughout 2015-2016 (and ongoing) made a number of strategic moves in order to change its corporate image and enhance the tech evolution of the brand to its key audience. The brand targeted to:
1. Become a hub for tech lovers and people who are interested in the latest tech innovations and trends
2. Become the place to visit when it comes to tech products / electronic devices / home appliances
3. Become the place that gives all kind of tech solutions when needed
4. Become the brand that youngsters feel relevant to
5. Become the brand that is always near to the society

Kotsovolos’ 65th anniversary campaign, marked Kotsovolos’ 65 years of continuous presence in the world of technology. We needed to communicate the brand through actions that demonstrated its technological development, while strengthening its position in the public perception, that was in line with all technological events in terms of everyday life (needs, hobbies and habits).


Create series of actions and digital competitions to engage the public (consumer and media), raise the high-tech mentality and enhance the brand experience.
Communicate the experience and deep knowledge of the company on technological developments, communicate the 65 years of experience in the Greek market, talk about the future, present the past and emphasize the role of technology and developments in our daily lives.


Press Event for 50 tech/business/financial journalists
VIP Event for 400 suppliers and key market players
3-day interactive tech festival in Technopolis for consumers, that included:
- Museum that showcased tech devices (from the very beginning to the latest innovative ones)
- Workshops around fashion, beauty, cooking, music, gaming and children playing that emphasized the role of tech into every section
- Cinema- avant premiere of Steve Jobs movie


7.300 visitors

More than 600 articles

Media value more than 200K