PR and Communications

The KODE project is an innovative e-learning code learning platform in Greek, which gives more people the opportunity to learn a new language, that of digital world.


The KODE project was created in collaboration with the BCA College in order to respond to young people’s current need not only to use technology, but also to be able to create whatever they wish through it and develop their ideas.

The KODE project marks the launch of one of the greatest Corporate Social Responsibility programs run by KOTSOVOLOS aiming at inspiring young people to master their digital skills.

Kotsovolos donates the platform to people in need, who live in distant and remote border points of the country, as well as vulnerable groups such as poor families, unemployed individuals and people who support single-parent families, young men and women. KODE is also offered as a reward to all customers buying technology products. It is estimated that more than 120.000 rights to use KODE will be distributed during an one-year period.


The implementation

A press event took place at Technopolis in order to communicate the project to key tech journalists.


More than 30 Media attended the press conference, from tech and news media, both off and online.
More than 130 articles in print and online Media were generated, highlighting the innovational character of the program