Second Home

PR and Communications

“Second Home” is an innovative, across-category PanHellenic program that was initiated in 2016 by Kotsovolos. The program gives to electrical and electronic devices’ owners the opportunity to offer their old or unused appliances to a second home and thus help a family that truly needs them. 

Kotsovolos handles the entire process, by arranging the free pick-up of the electrical/electronic device, proceeding to its check, disinfection and repair. Following its liaison with Local Authorities Kotsovolos delivers the devices to families in need.


The need for systematizing Kotsovolos’ CSR programs emerged following the increasing needs and expectations of Greek society the last years.
Kotsovolos has a leading role in the electrical and electronic devices’ recycling for the past 8 years, ensuring their correct disassembly and the environment’s protection. In case the collected or delivered devices are repairable then they could be given to a family in need and they can give again life to their “Second Home”.

The Implementation
The successful implementation of the “Second Home” program demanded the company’s internal and external organization by building partnerships with competent bodies and stakeholders (state, municipalities) and helping people facing difficulties.

Key audiences/ actions
Stakeholders: One to one communication with a number of Municipalities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Ioannina and recently Chios)

Media: Press conference with a number of journalists from tech-financial and business sector. Mayor of Athens and Vice Mayor of Komotini were the key guests and speakers to the press event, along with Mr Athanasopoulos, Kotsovolos’ Vice-President.


The evaluation of the program’s success was defined by:

1. the people’s gained awareness and activation to support this initiative

2. the municipalities’ interest to provide personal information and needs of citizens in need

3. the provision of electrical appliances by people who no longer need them

4. the appliances’ fast and immediate inspection by Kotsovolos in order to be delivered to the needed citizens that have requested them, their “Second Home” as soon as possible.


Call center calls on 2nd Home & recycling: 600
Appliances imported in Magoula: 350
Appliances available for 2nd Home (31/12/16): 105 (30%)
Appliances for recycling: 245 (70%)
Appliances that have found a 2nd Home: 105
Recycling of appliances July-Oct 2015 8.370
Recycling of appliances July-Oct 2016: 12.743