Ben's Beginners

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The Uncle Ben’s BeginnersΤΜ social initiative aims to raise parents’ awareness about their children’s nutrition and invites them to creatively rethink the role of the family meal in their daily lives.

Two major competitions were held for consumers on Facebook and the Uncle Ben’s® website.

The three prize winners in each competition entered the kitchen with their children, cooking healthy rice-based meals, having fun and winning big cash prizes!


Raise parents’ awareness about their children’s nutrition and about healthy family meals. Involve children aged 5-12, in the cooking process together with their parents, in order to learn and have fun through healthy cooking meals

The Implementation

Uncle Ben’s® and the Ben’s BeginnersΤΜ scheme through a holistic campaign they encouraged parents and children to cook healthy meals and enjoy more family time together.


Ben’s Academy is the first free cooking school for the whole family, parents and children aged 5-12, and is specifically aimed at consumers. For five Sundays, consumers were able to have family cooking lessons for kids and grown-ups. By signing up via Facebook, Uncle Ben’s® encouraged them to have quality time cooking at home together! 

Celebrity mum and Ben’s BeginnersTM ambassador Sissi Christidou invited people to take part in this unique initiative via the Uncle Ben’s® Facebook page.


Three unique press events were organized, one at Cookoovaya, during the first communication burst and two at the Dipnosofistirion “School of Gastronomy”, inviting the media and bloggers to make quick, easy and tasty dishes with rice, under the guidance of celebrity chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos.

Social Media

Furthermore, Ben’s BeginnersΤΜ ambassador Sissi Christidou encourages young parents and their children to get into the kitchen and cook together, but also to win great prizes by entering an online Ben’s Beginners competition with a video of them cooking with their children.


Free Publicity was triple to the paid
UB rise had a dynamic growth in terms of brand image, numbers with high market share
More than 220 participations
More than 50K votes

Raise parents’ awareness about their children’s nutrition and about healthy family meals.

Ben's Beginners