When strategy meets creativity.

"Gravity The Newtons" is an independent communication and public relations agency.

Corporate Communications

  • Consulting & corporate strategy development
  • Creation of corporate identity
  • Strategy development for enhancing executives' image
  • Strategy and campaign management
  • Analysis of the environment and strategic positioning of the company
  • Research and evaluation strategy
  • Project review

Media Relations

  • Define business goals (e.g. build awareness, investors search, brand building, acquisitions etc.)
  • Strategy development
  • Online & offline media selection and targeting
  • Evaluation through monitoring / listening
  • Executives' media training

Corporate Responsibility

  • Evaluation of current developments and advisory services on environmental issues, human rights issues etc.
  • Identify priorities and link them to business goals
  • Announcement of activities to NGOs, journalists and various groups accordingly
  • Development of CSR Policies & procedures manual
  • Define and execute activities
  • Writing and distribution of the annual CSR report

Consumer and Brand PR

  • Communication strategy
  • Message creation
  • Media coverage on traditional media
  • Online communication plans, social media & blogs presence that turn consumers to brand ambassadors
  • Influencers marketing
  • Publicity monitoring & evaluation
A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.
Richard Branson

Public Affairs

  • Strategy development
  • Society "training"
  • Opinion leaders selection
  • Influencers' approach & engagement strategy
  • Monitoring & Analysis of the political and business environment
  • Analysis of stakeholders groups' tactics and intentions
  • Build alliances & activate groups
  • Digital advocacy
  • Benchmarking

Internal Communications

  • Internal research on all levels
  • Proposals on improving cooperation and execution of projects
  • Tactical internal communication
  • Consultation on recruitment tactics

Event Management

  • Creative idea and concept development, design of creative material
  • Venue selection and decoration, production specifications
  • Photo shooting, video coverage, live reporting through social media
  • Development of CSR Policies & procedures manual
  • Press coverage
  • Social media strategy and content creation
News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.
Lord Northcliffe

Online Reputation Management & Digital PR

  • Online strategy development
  • Selection of influencers
  • Ongoing “listening”, real time response and handling of negative comments
  • Tactical evaluation of online presence and strategic directions

Press Events

  • Creative idea development
  • Online & offline media selection and targeting
  • Design and sent of visual and creative material (save the date, invitation, press kit)
  • Press coverage of the event

Financial Communications

  • Strategy development for B2B & B2C communication
  • Financial journalists’ connections
  • Company / CEO reputation management
  • Issues management / Crisis management

Crisis Management

  • Risks assessment and evaluation (proactive & reactive actions)
  • Crisis plan and manual
  • Crisis management simulation
  • Media training
  • Monitoring company’s image
  • Management evaluation
  • 24/7/365 monitoring report